Wish List

Wish List / Items Needed

Christ in the City relies on the generosity of donors like you to run 7 different ministry programs that serve the poor.
If you are able to donate any of these items, please email info@christinthecity.org.
Want to donate something that isn’t listed? Contact us- we may be in need of this item!
We greatly appreciate your support!

*Sponsor a meal for 4 of our female missionaries to take 6 women on the street out for brunch ($125)
Travel-size sunscreen
Travel-size lotion
Hair-brush / combs
Nail File
These are community needs for the 20 missionaries!


Extension Cords

Folding Chairs
Tables (preferably folding tables or ones easy to take apart and store)
Shelving Unit for Pantry (Sturdy)
Large Janitorial Mop Bucket
Lysol Wipes
Brooms and Dustpans
9×13 flat baking sheets
Notecards/ Index cards
Shoe and Coat racks
Water Pitchers

Microphones (2) for Training
10×10 Foot Pop Up Shade Tent
6 foot x 2.5 foot plastic table x 2
Water cooler x 2
Plastic Solo Cups (always needed)
Plastic Forks (always needed)
Plastic Plates (always needed)
55 Gallon Trash-Bags
Paper Towels
Lemonade Mix
Sugar/Creamer cans

Items we do not accept: razors, mouthwash, large-bottle of shampoo.
Contact Samaritan House / Fr. Woody’s Shelter to donate these items!

Bus Tickets (always needed!)

Snacks (soft food, like NutriGrain bars)
Disposable water bottles
Jackets, Long sleeve shirts
Blankets, sleeping bags
Gloves, Handwarmers, Hats, Scarves
Socks (large-ones)
Travel-size Shampoo and Conditioner
Rockies Tickets (to take our friends on the street out for baseball games!)


Computers (not screens)- 7 total
Microsoft Office for Computers/Laptops – 7 total
Projector Screen – 1 Total

Sleeping Cots- 20 Total
Wardrobes – 3 Total
Dressers – 4 Total
Tall Shoe Rack – 2 Total
Classroom Tables – 12 Total
Hooks for Towels